Abyss is an ongoing journey, discovering the layers of complexity within our oceans.

Often in images, our focus is drawn to a certain subject. But busier images beckon the eye to linger for longer, slowly inspecting its different layers. In this current era of short attention spans and oversupply of media, anything that settles the mind into a meditative state of slow discovery is a rare treat.

The Abyss collection has been captured over many years, while I’ve worked and explored within various marine environments around the planet. From drifting among clouds of Moorish Idols in my home region of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, to attaining jellyfish stings from head to toe while photographing a jellyfish bloom in the Indian Ocean, it’s these scenes of simultaneous chaos and beauty that I love the most. They are also often the hardest to capture. These are the moments when individual elements coalesce to form one scene in its collective entirety.

In the Abyss collection, I hope to highlight the alluring yet fragile nature of our seas. I also hope to inspire a connection to the world beneath the sea surface, so that current and future generations will continue to advocate for its protection.