Ningaloo: Western Australia’s coral coast


Western Australia’s coral coast is truly one of the greatest underwater playgrounds on the planet and home to the West’s beloved Ningaloo Reef. This World Heritage-listed reef stretches over 260 kilometres and is home to an array of marine life, including more than 500 species of fish, 250 species of coral, and the world’s largest […]

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Reef Restoration Foundation


The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system, but it has proven vulnerable to climate change. It’s estimated that the GBR has lost half of its coral cover over the past 40 years.   The Reef Restoration Foundation here in North Queensland, thankfully, are doing something about it. They are successfully growing […]

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Underwater: Byron Bay


I’ve always had a pretty special connection with Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers region of Australia. This most easterly point of Australia has long enticed travellers from all over the world with its laid back lifestyle and incredible beauty. In the past, I would always spend long periods of time in the region as […]

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Travel Journal: Lord Howe Island


My first job when I became a dive instructor in my early 20’s was on a small and relatively unknown island off Australia’s east coast. Lord Howe Island is a diver’s heaven and, during my seven years of working there seasonally, I came to know it as a second home. I compiled this travel journal […]

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Oceanographic Photographer of the Year Finalist


I am both rapt and totally humbled to say that I have been nominated as a finalist of the inaugural  in the first Oceanographic Photographer of the year competition . My imagery from the series Light of the Arctic  has been recognised in the category of Adventure Photography. To not only be chosen alongside such […]

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One Drop Las Vegas Auction


Earlier this year in Las Vegas we auctioned off this piece of mine named #Abyss. All the proceeds went towards One Drop Foundation . An incredible charity working towards bringing sustainable access to safe water and sanitation for the world’s most vulnerable communities. After the success from the auction and the incredible response, I’ve decided to […]

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Return to the Great Barrier Reef


It really is incredible  to be back home here in Australia and have such an incredible play ground on our door steep. The Great Barrier Reef is not only noted as  largest living organism on earth but is also World Heritage listed and a source of constant underwater adventure. This beautiful resident is probably one […]

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Wildlife Photographer of the year finalist


After a good 12 months of constant traveling, I’m slowly becoming quite the fan of this whole self isolation home quarantine period. Relax, reflect, create, feels a bit more like a gift to be honest. Pausing has definitely given me a greater appreciation for the wild encounters I’ve had and the rewarding situations I’ve put […]

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An ode to the Arctic


Freediving with orcas in the Arctic The Arctic really is a part of the world that is so unique. For me personally, coming from a tropical region like Australia, the windy conditions and frigid waters of the Arctic have always been a huge personal test in every way. I’ve spent the past five years travelling […]

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