Two Orca (one a bull Orca) on the surface in the Arctic. Taken whilst free diving in the fjords of Norway in the Arctic Circle, on Orca expedition by Todd Thimios

An ode to the Arctic

Posted on 30.11.2019

Freediving with orcas in the Arctic

The Arctic really is a part of the world that is so unique. For me personally, coming from a tropical region like Australia, the windy conditions and frigid waters of the Arctic have always been a huge personal test in every way. I’ve spent the past five years travelling to the Arctic during the northern hemisphere’s winters and it has become a part of the world that I absolutely adore. It is, by far, one of the most magical places in the world. The light, or should I say lack of light, is incredible; the landscape is dramatic and then, on top of all of that, the megafauna is insane. All in all, freediving and photographing underwater in the Arctic is somewhat ‘the Everest’ of underwater photography for me. The magnitude of the scenery, the magical light, the megafauna, the out-of-this-world sub zero temperatures and the oh-so-wild weather, it’s everything.

Ahh the Arctic!




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